Our products

Our premium, organic products are designed and handcrafted by our licensed herbalist, providing a natural approach to wellbeing and beauty. Many years of experience allow us to create effective and elegant products that are truly unique. Over the course of several months, we infuse botanical herbs of similar therapeutic functions inside plant oils to extract active compounds too large to be used as essential oils, but small enough to be absorbed through the skin. The potent herbal oils are then blended with essential oils to create a powerful synergistic blend felt through simply inhaling or when it touches the skin.

Each of our products contain these dynamic herbal blends as a visually stunning roll-on with real gemstones and herbs or as an herbal balm. Our eco-friendly ingredients are pure, vegan and free from GM ingredients, parabens, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours and mineral oils – making them kind to your body and the environment.